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Interesting And Fun Facts About Montenegro

Montenegro is located between the Adriatic Sea and the country of Serbia, in the southeastern part of Europe.

In terms of geographical area occupied, the country of Montenegro is only slightly smaller than the American state of Connecticut.
Montenegro experiences a Mediterranean climate with hot dry summers and autumns. Winters are comparatively cold with the country’s inlands experiencing heavy snowfall.
Strangely, the official language of the Montenegro is Montenegrin, while its demonym shares the name of its official language. In other words, the people of the country and its language go by the same namesake!
Did you know that name Montenegro in Montenegrin literally translates to ‘Black Mountain’? The name was probably given to the country because of thick black forests that graced its lands during the medieval times.
As per a study conducted by the World Tourism and Trade Council a few years back, the country of Montenegro is fast emerging as one of the most popular tourist destinations in the world today.
The city of Podgorica in Montenegro makes for the country’s capital city. Podgorica is also the largest city in Montenegro.
Montenegro currently functions as a Parliamentary republic and is ruled by President Filip Vujanovic and Prime Minister Milo Ðukanovic.
Handmade carpets, tapestries, wood carvings, ceramics, filigree jewelry, wine, ceramics and art make for few of the best things to buy when visiting or touring the country of Montenegro.
A fact: The country of Montenegro does not require tourists to hold tourist visas. However, it is a must for people who work in the country to hold and renew their work visas.
Standing tall at an intimidating height of 2,522 m, Bobotov Kuk makes for the tallest peak in Montenegro. The lowest point obviously lies at 0 m, the title for which goes to the Adriatic Sea.
Montenegro is a country blessed with the best of nature. Its 293km stretch of coastline is dotted with scenic beaches that cover a good 73 km.
The country of Montenegro has always been a problem for cartographers simply because it was comparatively impossible to write out all the letters of its name on the small space it takes on a map!
The best times to visit Montenegro begin from the month of May and stretch on to the month of October. The country experiences a pleasant and beach friendly weather during these months. The nights however can have a nip to them and are best faced with a sweater or a cardigan.
Winters in the country of Montenegro are when the crowds fade away owing to the fact that winters in the country are cold, snowy and almost intolerable.